Gimme that “Ole Time Religion”… and a helping of ignorance.

So recently i has this convo with a man who was bashing a national youth convention due to the choice of worship leader….From top to bottom he spoke negatively about the Assemblies of God… and you know me… I had to call him out. The convo started with him saying that a certain worship band was “not of God”, so i responded…(of course) and thanked him for being an authority on the musical preferences of The Creator, and urged him to make himself known so that in the future all can consult him for the appropriate musical selection. 🙂 …And that’s where the convo picks up below.
I have removed his pictures and Facebook user name to protect him from all of you..hahaha …but seriously…
I have renamed him “Ole time religion“…take a peek at what is causing the youth to push away from accepting what “old” people are telling them. .. let me know what you think.


Between You and  “Old Time Religion”
Old Time Religion” August 3 at 10:00pm Report
Rory. I am not an authority but I grant you I could find better examples ! I know one that is on that platform tonite all to well and O well its a very long difficult story ! yet its everything but Godly !! Pastor “Old Time Religion”
Rory Mac August 3 at 10:16pm
Pastor “Old Time Religion”,
I am just very careful about what I Lift up or cast down in the name of God… where your story may be long and difficult.. I am sure that we will be surprised by what God finds pleasing or displeasing. Speaking in full confidence as a Pastor on staff at an A/G church, I will say condemning the National Youth Convention on an international forum is probably a poor decision. All in all you are entitled to your opinion I suppose and one day in the near future we will see how God defines music in heaven as it is blasted throughout eternity.
God Bless,
Pastor Rory
“Old Time Religion” August 3 at 10:21pm Report
I am sure our worship here is pretty vain compared to what we witness it heaven ! I do believe we must take a stand otherwise we will fall for everything !! Thanks for your comment. God Bless !! PT
Rory Mac August 3 at 10:28pm
Well i do trust that God has put in place men and woman of upstanding character and resolve in leadership in the Assemblies of God.. I trust Him in their leadership.
God Bless,
Pastor Rory
Old Time Religion” August 4 at 9:08am Report
I think it is a poor decision to air what I seen on national TV or by internet. Its alright for them but not guys like me. Jesus called them out openly, So did John the baptist, Paul , John in 1 john 3, Paul turned 2 over to Satan publicly i st Timect. The list goes on. Its time to call it out !! There ‘s a term all need to become acquainted with called “depraved Indifference” depraved meaning, “its as low as you can get” and indifference meaning “one could care less.” something that pretty much describes this age and no doubt those in leadership of last nights production in Detroit.
What ever we applaud we encourage. These bands are loaded with piercings and religious tatoo’s. yet when one applauds them, it is supporting and advocating what they do !!
The Mormons are the fastest growing religion in the US yet their young men and women have not put on the world to win them. they came to my house not long ago and they with their false message looked more appealing than what we place in front of our kids.
One of the band members of “CENSORED BAND NAME” called someone very dear to me An ignorant “not a very nice word but not a four letter one” very recently and said he was full of Holy crap !! Seems to be the language of this very spiritual generation,  great words coming out of the mouth of kids trying to lead the youth in “worship.” A very sad day Rory ! If you had seen the former house , you better understand where I’m coming from. We are told to come out and be separate, yet instead we’ve joined them ! Time to take a stand and contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. God Bless !!
Rory Mac August 4 at 10:54am
“Old Time Religion”,
Thank you for defining depraved indifference… but as i am an educated man i find it insulting.
Secondly if you truly feel that the leadership of last nights service fall under that category than i believe you to be ignorant beyond measure. Ignorant meaning
1. Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.
2. Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.
I have had the pleasure of serving alongside of some these people you speak so lowly about… and know for a fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about.
May the Lord give you insight,
Pastor Rory


3 thoughts on “Gimme that “Ole Time Religion”… and a helping of ignorance.

  1. Baby Boy…I’m not here “hoping”….I’m here KNOWING THAT I KNOW…THAT I KNOW!
    God is looking at the “piercings and tattoos” of our individual hearts…
    By His Grace,

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