Hip hop ya dont stop

Well as of late things have been crazy! Tons of work, tons of writing and music. I’m sorry my blog has suffered. Even with all this I’ve felt revived musically. Like a breath of fresh air.

A lot of you know that I am a hip hop artist. Rap/hip hop and all the elements of the culture are one of my biggest passions… But for the past year I’ve really had some issues with the direction of the whole scene.

However because of one album and also because of one record.

The album I am referring to is Jay-Z’s “the blueprint three” . What a pleasure to listen to.. Great steps BACK to what hip hop once represents. With that bring said my next statement might confuse some.

The one track that has refreshed hip hop in my heart is Beanie Sigel’s “diss” to Jay-Z (check it out here at http://tinyurl.com/yg4xkwb ) now this is an unedited track so if you are upset by adult language then I recommend you skip listening.. But if you have a love for hip hop that may need a recharging then by all means. Listen up.

Both jay’s album and Sigels single represent so much to me what hip hop is all about. Lyrical stature, creative production and most important of all… Authentic feeling and message.
Hip hop has come a long way from what it was. This poetic art form has fallen away from the skillful lyricist of yesteryear. Hip hop was meant to be an outlet of the street… Not a corparate enterprise.. I refuse to believe the founding fathers of hip hop are proud of what our culture has become..

This so called beef between Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel just might be the catalyst needed to bring hip hop back to the common man.. Instead of rap being this empire of corparate gain. Maybe it’s just me but hip hop used to be more authentic.. When you heard an emcee rap you knew that this dude was spilling his soul on a beat… Nowadays we have no idea who our artists even are. I want my old love back…it’s a portrait of hip hop Check out Beanies song heres the link again—-> http://tinyurl.com/yg4xkwb
Until next time… Keep your eyes to the sky, and your ears to the street…
Rock on,


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