Actions vs. Words

This is not edgy.

This is not an attempt to attack a certain controversial social issue.

This is not a divine moment of artistic inspiration.

This is not a place of mass instantanious understanding, stemming from an individuals late night epiphany.

This is not crucial.

This will not raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

This will not make it past the thirty or so people who read it.

This never had a chance.

This is not the note that inspires you to pray more.

This is not where problems are solved.

This is not the land where fingers can speak louder than your voice.

This is not the softer side of sears.

This is not where people are dying of starvation.

This is not where wars are fought.

This is not where people hear the truth and believe.

This is not the end of fear.

This is not where ignorance is evaporated.

This is not where cloudy skies turn blue.

This is just a blog…this will be read and discarded as the ramblings of someone who wanted to be heard… and all the worlds problems will still be in existance. whether you read this or not.

The real change happens when we shut our mouths… And put in work.

The real change happens when we go and do..

My blog is microscopic in comparison to the need of some lives.

Let’s step out. Let’s create relationships.

Let’s not be sidelined by our technology , but use it as a secondary attack.

Save a life…

feed the hungry…

love the abandoned…

value the discarded…

Then blog about it.
Until next time.. keep your eyes to the sky and your ears to the street.. Rock on.


2 thoughts on “Actions vs. Words

  1. I love this post dude! I ditto that!!!! thanks for checking my blog out babygirl. Love ya man! you have a quote at the end of your posts, well check mine out… Put it in your pocket! yours makes more sense though. lmao!

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