Not deep, just honest

So it’s been a lil stretch since I blobbed… Sry life gotta hold of me.. But it’s been a huge month… Not because of anything humongous.. Just because.
I guess this is where we get honest. There are things in life you know that your meant to do. These things stand out in your head above anything else. These things are the foundation of our passion. These things define me.. I know this to be truth.
Have you ever found it hard to pursue these passions/foundations? Not because of avoidance, but more on the level of life getting in the way. I had an epiphany the other day.. We allow life to control our flow.. When it should be us that flow in control.
There are things we base our life around and form our life around. I’ve decided that my passions will form this foundation. God-Wife&Family-Music.. That’s my foundation. Find yours. Build on it.
Until next time… Keep your eyes to the sky, and your ears to the street.
Rock on,
Rory Mac


4 thoughts on “Not deep, just honest

  1. Its true, life does after a time draw our attentions elsewhere. The passions that at first define us soon seem to be traded for worthless pursuits. When in the end those passions kindled by Christ return that much stronger. Thank you Jesus for the Holy Ghost…………………………..P.S. Hows my spelin!

  2. you are always spot on. I needed to read this tonight. I have been struggling with what to do in a certain matter and this blobb made it very clear!!!!

    come back!!!!!!!

    we need you here!!!

    so what are you going to do with music??

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