The singer, the rapping puppet, and the mad scientist.

Well I have to admit it… Today I became excited about childrens ministry. There is just something infectious about seeing these kids go crazy during worship. Or the fact that they love a good game and puppet set. I have always looked at childrens ministry as kinda lame. I always have hated how we use the word “kidz” instead of plain old kids.. Or the typical weak attempts at making childrens church “cool”…
Today I watched as a close friend of mine rocked the face of a vacation bible school curriculum. It was AWESOME. It was cool, just because it was. No forcing it.. Nobody trying to hard.. Just a rocking church service designed for children to learn and grow closer to God.
Today I was a worship leader/rapping puppet/mad scientist… To me this is just awesome… Where else can you be all of the above in one service? On top of all that you dive into the heart and soul of a young person with each role you play. I real applaud the full time childrens pastors out there, the camp leaders out there.. It’s truly one of those jobs that I feel more people would live if they would just try… Just try.
I hope that God will continue to show me new ministries for me to Rock out. And if you feel like you are useless in your church. I dare you to start with the children of your church… See the atomic bomb that the honesty, the love, the excitement, and the fun that these kids will bring into your life…
Until next time party people… Keep your eyes to the sky.. And your ears to the street… Rock on


One thought on “The singer, the rapping puppet, and the mad scientist.

  1. Yeah Rory, I have to agree. I love Children’s Ministry, and doing it with Studio Z changed my life, 100%. Now I’m at home and all I want is more freedom to change the children’s ministry there and use the things I learned at SZ…kids ministry is where it’s at!

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