Doin it Bilbo Baggins style…

So you ever have one of those months where anything and everything just kicks you in the face??? Yeah me too. July 2009.
By far this has been the most stressful month period. Not to be totally transparent with you but the combination of a new job, unexpected responsibilities there, money being tight and the roles I have at the church, and maintaining a healthy marriage on top of it at all.. Retarded hard dude.

For me I know that pride is definetly a factor… If your like me you CAN’T fail.. I refuse to. I would die before I fail.A downside to this: I spread myself thin.

One of my favorite fictional characters is bilbo baggins.. (Yes I know Lord of The Rings (lotr) is nerdy but I was reading it way before it was “cool”).. Anyways Bilbo once said that he felt like “too little butter spread over too much bread”… I feel that little hobbit hardcore right now.

Even as I write this I am fighting myself to admit that I need help. How stuborn is that.. Well it’s true I need some help. Just keep me and my wife in your thoughts.. Hopefully next month rocks.



2 thoughts on “Doin it Bilbo Baggins style…

  1. Okay Rory I have felt like that thin layer of butter so many times and at times I still do. It’s a constant process of prioritzing but I like yourself see that most things no matter how small are important.
    So from a financial and responsibility stand point you have a large advantage that I didn’t have. That is God. Plain and simple that is what it comes down too.
    But as Pastor Rick also said you do need the flesh too. So while your spreading yourself thin try and push the pride aside even for a tiny second and while your in the midst of everything talk and talk. By communicating about things a solution or even a small bit of advice may come from it. Remember I love you guys and everything is going to fall into place.

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