Looking back on July…

Well folks this has been a huge month for me.. and i stress HUGE. We had people enter this world. People have left us. New challenges, goals, times of success and failure. For me this month held a few that I wasn’t prepared for.

On july 5th 1984 the one and only Rory Mac was born. And if you do the math you will see that i am now 25… puke. For y’all that dont know me, let me make one thing clear.. I am not a fickle person. never hae been. But something about this birthday FREAKED me out. It just felt like i crossed through the doorway into geezerdom. I cant explain it. I’m not proud of it.. but im officially ancient. Thanks to my amazing wife Krystal who made it easier to become ancient. To my Friends and family i love y’all.

Moving on..Being a musician this month really held oneof the saddest days music has seen in a long time. You all  know I’m referring to the death of Michael Jackson. I don’t have to  tell you how this man literally changed the entire music industry. Regardless of the issues that plagued Michael there is no question that he was one of/if not the most influential artist ever. He has influenced my music and I pray that his legacy will live on.

On a more personal note… some congratulations are in order! First off I want to congratulate Stacie and Dan!! This month they brought a lil girl into the world. We all love her and are so proud of her. Welcome to the world Ava West!!!

Secondly, a round of applause to Jeffrey Amendola…err I mean Oficer Amendola. This month Jeffrey graduated from the Police Academy in Raliegh N.C. Big ups Bro!!

Last but not least… Chris Jacobs.. AKA CJthe80sbaby..One of my best friends…BIG birthday this month..also turning 25 this month..im just truly glad that im not alone in old man land.

Well thats it folks. Until next time… Keep your eyes to the sky.. Your ears to the street..Rock On.



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